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FIXED!!!! Winamp/windows 7 freezing on startup

I've seen a few posts on Win Amp freezing during it's start up in windows 7.

I'd done a new installation of 7 after i just decided to clean up my system. One of the very first programs to be installed was Win Amp.

Imagine my horror when it wouldn't work and just kept freezing. Downgrading Win Amp wouldn't help neither would upgrading.

So i formatted hard drive for second time that day installed Win Amp again and....... It FROZE!

I thought about this and said "screw it!" anyway after then downloading all my latest drivers I installed my Intel chip set drivers and graphic drivers for my laptop. Even thou win7 has drivers for my system I've always preferred using the drivers that the manufacturer makes.

Well the next time I loaded Win Amp guess what? It booted normally.

So just to test I removed the intel drivers and used windows drivers......Win Amp FROZE!

So install your manufacturers drivers guys I promise it will fix your problem and remember just cause MS has generic drivers it doesn't mean you shouldn't get the proper ones.
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