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Adding Global Hotkeys For Dummies

Can someone please explain to me in a very straightforward manner how to use DrO's wa_hotkeys.h to register new Global Hotkey options?

I've successfully set up a working plugin from the Winamp Developer Wiki basic guide and I know exactly what I want to register a hotkey for.


int init() {
SendMessage(plugin.hwndParent, WM_WA_IPC, (WPARAM)"Bento", IPC_SETSKIN);
return 0;


void config() {
SendMessage(plugin.hwndParent, WM_WA_IPC, (WPARAM)"Winamp Classic", IPC_SETSKIN);

Currently, this starts Winamp in the Bento skin, and then swaps the skin into Winamp Classic when I select the plugin for configuration. I'd like to set up both for Global Hotkeys (or one hotkey to switch back and forth).

I'm not exactly new to programming, but I've never written anything for Winamp before. It would be easier if the wa_hotkeys.h were a fully-functional example rather than commented out code, but if someone can help explain which parts of that code need to go where, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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