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You could create a ML view just for MP3 files...
1. in the ML right click on Local Media > select 'Add Smart View...'
2. from the 'Choose a Preset:' drop-down box select 'Audio'
3. click the plus button underneath the first "formula" boxes, that will bring up a 2nd row of "formula" boxes
4. make sure and is selected between the two rows of "formula" boxes
5. in the 2nd row, first column select 'Filename' > 2nd column select 'Ends with' > in the third column type MP3.
6. At the bottom of the 'New Smart View' box, give it a new name of your choice (example MP3 Audio) > Press the OK button.
If the new view does not automatically fill/populate after you create it, click on another view then click back to your new one. The library will still be capable of importing other file types. In this suggestion, the idea was to make a category for just MP3s.

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