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High hopes for second Life

Charles Mesure and Miriama McDowell keep the suspense running in This is Not My Life. Photo / Supplied

Charles Mesure and Miriama McDowell keep the suspense running in This is Not My Life. Photo / Supplied

Twisted, local mystery-drama This Is Not My Life, will answer many of its fans' questions when the first season wraps on TV One tonight.

But despite strong ratings and international interest in the show, writer Rachel Lang says it may not be renewed for a second season.

This Is Not My Life was a bold move by Lang (Go Girls, Outrageous Fortune) and co-writer Gavin Strawhan (Go Girls, Being Eve) into mystery-drama territory - a genre that has always been difficult to sell to New Zealand audiences.

Before the first episode aired in July, Lang said she felt the time was right for a new drama that made its audience think.

Over the past 12 weeks, the lead character Alec Ross (played by Charles Mesure) has been trying to figure out why he feels he doesn't belong in the perfect, pastel world of Waimoana and whether there is a way out.

In the first episode he woke to perfect, pretty wife Callie (Tandi Wright) and two lovely children in a designer home with a smart car parked in the driveway, and was told he was Alec Ross. His first reaction was to run down the street in his underpants - this was not his real life and he was sure of it. We buy Second Life Linden.

Since then, Alec has led the audience through a complex plot that has revealed layers of truth, but seems to come back to one idea: trust no one.

Recent episodes have seen Alec and his lover Jessica, played by Miriama McDowell, plot their escape from Waimoana with the help of rebel organisation Recall.

Last week's penultimate episode closed with Alec manipulating the Wellness clinic's database in an attempt to give the guy claiming to be the real Alec Ross his life back.

It may sound similar to last year's mystery-drama The Cult, produced by Great Southern Television, in that it is set in a gated community of sorts, but This Is Not My Life's producer Steven O'Meagher of production company Desert Road, insists any similarities between the two are coincidental.

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