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Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
This is an icon pack library (Winamp Icon Pack - Black, v1.5) with 16x16 playlist icon.

I hope you like it
Gets the job done! Thanks Pawel On a side note, what do you use to edit the icon libraries? Microangelo Librarian frigs up the PNG transparencies so I'm looking for an alternative.

Originally Posted by Pawel View Post
Icon Pack - xpAlto Winamp Icon Pack

Winamp Media Player icons for audio, playlist, skin and video filetypes.These icons are part of the xpAlto set, which is designed to harmonise with, complement and improve the base Windows XP icons.- 168 icons in true colour in sizes 16, 32, 48, 64, 128 px- 4 types (Audio, Playlist, Skin, Video)- 2 styles (tagged, untagged)- 2 prepackaged dll icon libraries for use with Winamp 5.58 & above. Requirements:Winamp 5.58 or above with the Extended Jump to File Support (JTFE) option. Recommended for Windows XP.

Author: Gray Wz
Shame thse aren't in 256x256, they are gorgeous and would be a definite contender for my default on Windows 7 otherwise.
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