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How to prevent program from running as an Administrator [thus have it on the same lev

I have this very old audio editor [from 2003] than for not apparent reason runs itself as an Administrator. And this I know because I can see it under the

Task Manager > Details > Elevated

And [long story short] apparently this causes problems with some other programs trying to cooperate with it. And If I change those others programs [including Winamp] to being run as elevated, then new problems show up - so it is not a workaround that I can really use

So my question is: how do I stop this audio editor from being elevated? So that I can retain combo of my audio related pieces of software fully working?

I have tried going to its EXE and turning for it ON & OFF [as it was set to OFF in the first place] the

Properties > Compatibility > Settings > Run this program as an administrator

option, but it did not reset that EXE. Also renaming the EXE did not foul the operating system

I am using Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2 19042.746
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