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Just because you haven't had an issue doesn't mean it isn't a security risk (same with things like never applying security patches or never changing the default pw on devices).

By turning off UAC you're giving all program admin rights which opens your computer up to system changes, primarily malware. While you may be cautious or know where programs come from, things happen.

Anyway, if one program is causing constant UAC prompts for no reason, it's usually a very old program (pre-vista), very badly created program (developer issue), a program made to change system settings (e.g. misc windows 10 tweakers), or something else is causing the program to force uac prompts, which is why I wonder if a plug-in might be a cause. I never get UAC prompts on my winamp (5.666) outside of installing plug-ins


Current status of Winamp: (Winamp 5.8) is not an ongoing project get wacup

5.8 beta issue quick fix - Install 5.666 (there's no further 5.8 releases)
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