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NSIS Post Unistaller?

Okay, I'll do the best I can to be detailed:

I'm having trouble deleting a batch file during an uninstall. No, it's not because a process in the batch is still running, but rather it's because AVGIDSAgent (Anti-virus) is still keeping track of it (or something related). I know this because that's the error message I get when I try to delete it, that the batch file is still open in AVGIDSAgent and can't be deleted.

So my guess is, the best way to solve this problem might be to delete the batch file after a restart, when AVG couldn't possibly be holding on to it.

However, I have no idea how to go about beginning a post UNinstaller. Any suggestions?

Flame Defense:
Please forgive me, I have tried searching and I only seem to be able to find POST install related topics, not uninstall, but if this issue has been solved I would greatly appreciate a redirection to the topic. Another possibility is that I've come across the answer and not even realized it given my poor NSIS experience and inability to understand much of the documentation.
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