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Stereo Analog VU Meter 2.00 by Netspider

Stereo Analog VU Meter 2.00 by Netspider

Version 2.00 - upgraded and fixed to work with modern Winamp 5. Added some functional improvements.
New skins. You can change the skins from PANEL button or click over the VU meter and point a folder with skin. Also you can craft easily new skins.
Night panel mode.

How to install: Just copy the Plugins folder into your Winamp. Go in Visualization->Stereo Analog VU Meter, you can chose small or big VU meter

The sources and whole Visual C++ project is included in the archive. There is a field for improvement but I don't have much time, so you can contribute if you like.


p.s. I am not sure whether this is correct place for this topic, because I can't see place for Visualizations different than AVS and MilkDrop.

Version 1.51 - Now with option to make your own BMP panel and style!

Professional analog volume unit meter. DSP & Math algorythm to emulate a real VU meter. Logaritnic scale. Applicatiom use: to control and tune PREAMP volume in Winamp EQUALIZER. Now with option to make your own VU skin or panel!
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