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Angry Toujours pareil. Always the same problems :(

Hi all.
Always big problems with the stream.
2 month now.

Statistics don't make me laugh anymore; I generally don't have more than 10 people listening, and yesterday, mini 12, peak at 33 but TLH trend = 0.

I have always big problems with the stream, sometimes unreachable, and always some blanks few times per hour, and also repeating songs and jingles. Listeners can logically only go away, not multiplicate themselves with all these problems.

2 months now.
It makes no sense for 2 months now.

I've never had so much problems since 2008, with RDNY.
what's happening ? Does somebody know something ? "we improve, we improve" they say, but i see nothing changing.

Of course, the support does not answer.
What's the english for "Pisser dans un violon" ?

Is it only me ? As I see almost noone here complaining...

anyway.... let's stay positive :
Have a nice day everyone !


Radio Titine
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