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Many thanks for the valuable feedback!

Most likely the distortion and popping results from ring buffer underflow. That's why you could resolve this by simply enlarging the buffer. But there is not only the size which may lead to to the buffer drying out. The new version lets you configure some of the possiblities:

You have the following relation between the parameters regarding buffer sizes:
minimum size of the buffer shared with the device (provided by WASAPI) <= size of buffer shared with the device <= number of samples in the ring buffer before start playing <= size of ring buffer
Originally Posted by A11ectis View Post
Are there any plans to have the volume slider in Winamp work with YASAPI? I noticed that the out_asio plugin also does not have volume control. Is this just a limitation with these sorts of plugins?
I think it is possible. The respective checkbox is already there

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Both versions of your plug-in fail to work in my configuration. When starting playback, I get a YASAPI error message that says "AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT".
This is just a 1:1 report of an error resulting from a call to the IsFormatSupported method of the IAudioClient interface. It means that your audio device doesn't support the format (number of channels, sample frequency, bits per sample) you're going to play.

For convenience, here are the links to the new 0.2.0 version:
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