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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Both versions of your plug-in fail to work in my configuration. When starting playback, I get a YASAPI error message that says "AUDCLNT_E_UNSUPPORTED_FORMAT".
This is just a 1:1 report of an error resulting from a call to the IsFormatSupported method of the IAudioClient interface. It means that your audio device doesn't support the format (number of channels, sample frequency, bits per sample) you're going to play.
I get exactly the Same error Message, and the Maiko Wasapi plugin plays just fine. (using your in_ffsox too)

My Soundcard is configured as 5.1 and my MP3's of course are Stereo,
so in some way the error message would make sense,
but for the stereo upmixing there is a function from Creative called CMSS3D
and even from Dolby called Dolby Digital Live or Dolby DTS.
and even the maiko wasapi plugin provides such a functionality (I personly Like this one the most)

I really like your in_ffsox plugin, it is working like a charm (except MP3 ID3 support )
but this plugin does not work for me - Youtube Radio (buy me) - Contact Music & More
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