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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
This is just a 1:1 report of an error resulting from a call to the IsFormatSupported method of the IAudioClient interface. It means that your audio device doesn't support the format (number of channels, sample frequency, bits per sample) you're going to play.
How does your plug-in determine the audio device to use? I have more than one installed, but the one selected for Windows and in Winamp's DirectSound output plug-in (i.e. my soundcard) plays the up-sampled and up-mixed mp3 files just fine. I'm running Windows 7 and those links you provided are a bit over my head. Maybe I should try shared mode, but that would defeat my purpose.

I will wait for ravermeister's results before trying your latest version. Cleaning up after crashes is a bit of a hassle.

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