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I was under the impression that the Windows control panel sound utility displays the formats (bit depth & sampling rate) that the audio device's driver supports and that WASAPI would up-sample or down-sample the source to match the format selected. If it doesn't that would explain why the sound quality was different from the up/down sampling done by the various Winamp plug-ins that provide it.

Windows also has a channel up-mixing feature (called speaker-fill, I think) if the audio driver supports it, but all this does is mirror the stereo channels to the other channels.

Matrix mixer (and Maiko) allows true automatic or manual matrix mixing of the stereo channels to the output channels (6 in 5.1 or 8 in 7.1 speaker setups). The stereo channels can be combined (in phase or either channel inverted to enhance or remove the identical sounds in each channel) at equal or various output levels and each combination directed to a particular output channel. Delays can be added to each channel as well. Bottom line, the stereo source can be morphed into a semblance of true multichannel surround sound where each output channel can provide something different. The effect can be extended by adding frequency equalizing or other DPS effects (with other plug-ins or soundcard utilities) before or after the mixing.

Movie soundtracks provide all this on their own, but it's fun playing sound engineer with stereo sources (making subtle or dramatic changes).

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