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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
I dont't know because I have one PC to test and it works.

However, we should imagine what's going on there:
  1. On one side there is WA delivering packets of sound at a rate which in mean represents the sample rate.
  2. The same is true for the WASAP side: it reads packets of another size and at another rate which also represents in mean the sample rate.
  3. We can conclude that in mean the ring buffer is empty. It just compensates for the different packet sizes. But there is still some probability that the buffer becomes empty, and we here glitches or pops.
  4. The mean number of frames in the buffer should never become zero. You may achieve this by increasing the "start playing ..." option. The "start playing ..." option means that when WASAPI takes the first packet from the buffer the number of frames in the buffer not becomes zero immediately (instead it approximately is the mean number of frames in the buffer).
I increased the "start playing ..." parameter to 2 and it works (which means nothing because for me it's working anyway).

Thank you. I will increase the "start playing" parameter and see what this changes. Thanks for the prompt reply

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