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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Is this coming from WA? If yes, how you are doing this?
The configuration dialog for the DirectSound output plug-in has a status page that shows the output format it is using. I use Matrix Mixer ( to do the up-sampling and up-mixing of the decoded input source and pass the resulting signal directly to a selectable output plug-in (in this case DirectSound, which is the default).

A DSP plug-in (if used) would process the signal after the appropriate input plug-in and before Matrix Mixer. I don't use the Winamp equalizer and I'm not sure if it's processing is done before or after a DSP plug-in. I assume WASAPI would apply a soundcard's or mobo soundchip's equalizing and/or DSP signal processing utilities (I don't use them either) to the signal after it leaves Winamp.

I sometimes use Stereo Tool (, a DSP plug-in, to 'enhance' some of my lower quality mp3 files I've downloaded over the years. I don't need it for files I've ripped myself.

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
What is this? Could you please post a link?
Sorry for the confusion. I'm taking about the same Windows control panel utility you mentioned earlier

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