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Originally posted by kichik
What are the minimum requirements for this plug-in? It takes proxy settings from IE, right?
I also had a full range of chunked HTTP + proxy problems in one of my apps when used socket based http client . What is good for net learning, sometimes is bad for business But few years ago Win95 compatibility requirement was taken off (in later Win versions IE and Inet API is always on place), and I could re-work it to Inet API.
Minimum requirements... HTTP without problems. I also thought about re-get functionality (for installers trying to download dotnetfx via dial-up) and about ftp, but it looks like both idias are not claimed by developers
OK, simple and stable http download without re-get, but more then one file. I thought about local path definition only (instead of every local file parameter), but this limits functionality with static server files only (not cgi/php), so parameters line is following:

InetLoad::load URL1 local_file1 [URL2 local_file2 [...]]

ftp works, but it not requests file size - InternetOpenUrl() functionality is limited.
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