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First draft, but I could load some files with it
Requires 2.03 – new plug-in parameter in this version is the only way to auto-recognize silent install without explicit /SILENT parameter on any step including .onInit (where main installer window not exists yet).
/TIMEOUT parameter not implemented because MSDN describes many timeout flags (connect, receive, control send and receive, data send and receive…), so I guess would be better to left defaults.
/POPUP key displays detailed download dialog instead of embedded progress bar. Very useful in .onInit function (i.e. not in Section). So default is old (NSISdl) GUI
/SILENT key explicitly prevents from displaying of any plug-in' output (both popup dialog and embedded progress bar). Not required if 'SilentInstall silent' mode is defined in installation script.
Now plug-in displays short file name (like NSISdl did)
And I still hope that NSIS developers can solve 2.03 problem with new windows going to background in the silent mode (this worked fine in 2.02).
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