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Bizarre Winamp + WMP distortion.

I love winamp, I've been using it since.. I can't remember when. It's my favourite media player.
Anyway I had some soundcard issues a while back (well known conflict between creative x-fi and gigabyte boards).

I tried everything and resorted to cleaning out some dust bunnies and this seemed to fix the problem. Everythings been running tickity boo.

But here the bizarre thing, recently Winamp has started playing my Mp3s with heavy distortion and out of sync.. like they've pitch shifted down.

I was kind of expecting it.. I figured my creative soundcard has finally kicked the bucket, so I opened up Windows Media Player to do a quick test.
Before I could even load up an Mp3 in WMP the Mp3 that was still playing in Winamp went back to normal.
It's so bizarre, so I closed WMP and then the Mp3 went back to being distorted again.

Anyone know whats up with that? Is WMP loading up something in the background that Winamp needs to run?
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