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Monkey's Audio [*ape] on Windows 7

Never had any problem with the support for .ape files on Winamp, but now that I'm on Windows 7 I've found one. I started today installing the Monkey's Audio plug-in in order to make my .ape files playable on WINAMP 5.572. The plug-in I'm trying to install is the lastest versin of the official one, "Winamp Pluging.exe" (contained into the lastest Monkey's Audio pack "MAC_406.exe" hosted on the official site).

On the installation the next message appears:

"Couldn't open the file

C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\\Plugins\in_APE.dll

for writting"

Surprised with it, because on the O.S. I was using before (XP SP3 x86-x64) I never saw this error. I've seen that on that path, there's no "in_APE.dll", so I tried to do a download of it, pasted it on the path, and tried to do the install again. The dll "in_APE.dll" vanishes...

Any ideas? thanks in advance for the support !
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