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Does Volume Control Cause Track Notification Popup to Appear?

I normally don't use the Winamp volume control. I prefer to leave it at 100% and use my computer's master volume controls or my keyboard's multimedia keys.

I clicked the Winamp volume control by accident and saw the track notification popup window appear. This is the window (if enabled) that briefly shows the album art and other info associated with the song selected in the playlist.

This only happens when the selected song is not playing. Is this normal behavior or something unique to me? I click on the volume control slider and the popup appears. I wait for the popup to go away and click the slider again and the window pops up again. This is weird behavior, imo, but I kinda like it.

I only see this with SUI modern skins (Bento and 3rd party). I don't think classic skins have a notification popup unless a plug-in is used. If they do, I can't get them to work with the classic skins I'm using.

Another strange thing is that with the Winamp Modern modern skin I can only get this to happen once. Only on the first click on the volume control after the skin is loaded does the popup appear.

The notification popup otherwise consistently works as I expect (with modern skins), since a fix (suggested by pjn123) was put in several versions ago. Namely, it appears when songs change during playback and when I use the next or previous controls to move thru a playlist when songs are not playing. Before the fix, the popup would sometimes not appear in response to these events.

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