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I finally determined the cause of the behavior discussed in this thread. It is an inadvertent result of disabling volume control in the DirectSound output plug-in.

I don't use Winamp's UI volume control and before discovering the Mouse Wheel Blocker plug-in (which is now a native feature), I had disabled this DS plug-in option to prevent accidental volume changes due to using the mouse wheel in the wrong places. The UI volume control still indicates a volume change, but the actual volume stays at 100%. After installing the Mouse Wheel Blocker plug-in, I didn't re-enable the DS plug-in's volume control. This was all done years ago and I had forgot all about it.

I don't think this bug has always been there (I think I would have noticed it). It's probably a result of fairly recent updates to the modern skin support and/or notifier code. This bug is benign, but the modern skin support logic should not be triggering a track change notification in response to moving the UI volume control when Winamp's volume control is disabled. However, disabling Winamp's volume control is something very few people would do.

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