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I'm guessing there can be 4 reasons why it is not working:

1) The version info in that .exe is broken/corrupt (Unlikely)
2) A bug in the plugin
3) A bug in NSIS
4) Programmer error; mixing Ansi/Unicode compiler/plugins (This is my guess)

To find the answer I would have to be able to reproduce the problem and since I don't want to waste too much time on this I would need some extra pieces of information:

1) Exact NSIS version (And is it a special build?)
2) Exact plugin version (The wiki has two zip files, one of the zip files has both Ansi and Unicode builds)
3) The value of the Unicode and RequestExecutionLevel attributes used in your script

And as a side note; a Unicode string displayed by Ansi code/functions will end up as a single character most of the time and this is a strong indication that you are mixing Ansi/Unicode stubs/plugins. Ansi strings displayed by Unicode code/functions often looks like Chinese (CJK codepoints).

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