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Are you looking for a DJ or Radio Host.


I am wondering if this is the right place to advertise myself wanting to volunteer as a Radio Host or announcer. Preferably somewhere in North America due to time zone differences (I'm from Canada and I do work during the day). It can be a paid gig if you want. But the reason for wanting to be a volunteer is that I want to get more live on-air experience.

I do work at a local radio station as a Creative Writer and I'm also a podcaster. I've been working as a Creative Writer for 4 years. But I don't think that my employer will allow me to do any on air work at this point in time. As for podcasting, I've been doing that for a year.

I've also have some volunteer on air experience on the College Radio circuit. Oh yeah I do want to volunteer with an online radio station that already has a music library. What types of music do I like to play on my show. Well, anything but Country. To be more specific, I like Punk, Post Punk, Pop Punk, Grunge, Alternative, New Wave, anything from the 1980s and 90s music.

So if you are interested in hiring a volunteer Radio Host/Announcer/DJ, or whatever they call it nowadays, please let me know.
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