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Now I want to leave the numbers 0005 and 0006 for You. For me it is important anyway to begin with 0001 as first number (also 01 as first number would be okay, if a serial will have only a few images). Winamp, IrfanView and QuickPic show the presets and .jpg-files in another order than Windows Explorer, if the first image has the number 1, the 10th image the number 10, the 100th image the number 100 and the 1000th image the number 1000 in the same serial. I myself prefer to begin directly with 0001.

You can look in the following subforums from time to time:
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Skinning and Design > Arts and Design
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Visualizations > MilkDrop
Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > Visualizations > MilkDrop > MilkDrop Presets
because I am interested especially for Milkdrop Presets, Winamp Skins (SUI-Skins), random textures, desktop wallpapers, Komodo backgrounds. Sometimes I open a new thread, sometimes I reply.

You know, that for skins, presets, textures and wallpapers the German letters "ä", "ö", "ü", "ß" are strictly prohibited. For the images (mostly JPG, but also PNG, DDS, TGA) I also don't want to see blank spaces and extra-signs in the filenames. Maybe an image should be coded into a preset or sprite or it should be loaded in a Modern Skin. I myself have my .jpg-files for the 2 mentioned Modern Skins in the subfolders wallpaperscprokao and wallpapersdesktop (inside of Milkdrop2).

Now about the Railway Stones: I had zoomed, because I didn't want to have other things than the stones on the photos. 4 pre-selected images didn't come into the final selection, because there are also grasses and other plants between the stones, and 2 images didn't have been pre-selected, because there are also big metallic screws between the stones, and they are necessary to fixate the railways. The stones are not sharp in the original photos. Mostly they are angular and not round. Our Sternenmaschine Band Member Birgit had made a photo in an Irish Forest with round stones at the water in Spring 2007. I myself didn't find similar stones at the water in Berlin yet.

About the metallic screws: I remember, that we had refused some suggested album artwork with the metallic screws on the trees. Later we had accepted some of the other suggestions which had looked better for us, for example with good digital artwork. But sometimes we were not really asked. We had to accept many other suggestions which didn't fit our taste.
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