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It's up to the player, upon requesting a stream, to send an ICY protocol header indicating whether the server should send titles. If it doesn't ask for them, it doesn't get them; it just gets the audio.

Safari/QuickTime apparently doesn't ask for titles. I know other players do... FStream does, at least.

Creative Commons licenses include public performance rights, so no, you don't have to get permission from each copyright owner, nor would you need to pay a PRO under a blanket license. However, the performer may not have the rights to the underlying composition (music & lyrics), so be careful about cover versions. The performer may have put a CC license on it, but they may not even realize that for cover versions the license can only apply to the audio, and that you'll need a separate license for the song in general. You can either seek permission that direct from each publisher, or do like most legit broadcasters do and pay for a blanket license from the appropriate songwriter/publisher PRO for the song in your territory. If you're in the U.S., then ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC are the ones to worry about, and most songs will fall under ASCAP or BMI jurisdiction. Also be careful about where you get music from; some people will just post other people's music without permission and slap a CC license on it, even though they don't have the rights to do so; the license is bogus in that case.

As for titles, the CC license terms only require you to provide title & authorship info to the extent it's "reasonable to the medium or means you are utilizing". IANAL, but I believe this means that the copyright owner wouldn't be able to hold you liable for not sending title data to devices that don't specifically ask for it. As long as you have enabled titles server-side, then you do make it available to the extent possible; you can't reasonably be expected to somehow force titles to be seen.

One of the other terms seems more difficult to fulfill in an audio-only presentation. How are you supposed to include the CC license or its URL with each performance? The best you can do is just make it clear, where you advertise the station, that the music is CC licensed. Maybe insert an occasional informational ad to that effect? *shrug*
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