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ML not ordering the songs properly

When you click on the track column header on the ML your songs sort out by their track number no matter what cd/artist they belong to right?. So if you then clicked in year in a pre-5.32 version it would order the songs by year and the songs that have the same year would be ordered by track number, which was nice.

Now when I click in year they are just reordered by year but with all songs unsorted by track.
If you click on album they get ordered by track properly, but I like using year instead.

In running winXP SP2, Winamp pro 5.32 the one available for download at the main page. An nvidia Geforce6200, sound blaster live!, a crappy biostar KM400a-8235 board, an AMD Duron turbo3200+ running at 1.6ghz, 1gb ram. directx9.

It be waiting for a reply
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