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Unable to write tags with Mp3tag to M4A that is being played

If a file in M4A format is being played in my Winamp, then I cannot write tags in it via the Mp3tag- I first have to stop the file in the player. But at the same time I can edit the tags within the Winamp itself

So is this a normal behavior for M4A files? With FLACs I do not have to stop the in Winamp in order to be able to change data in their tag fields

I am running Winamp 5.8 with Mp3tag 3.03 on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.535. But I do not know what plugin is plugin my M4A files in Winamp, because under

Options > Preferences > Plug-INS > Input

I do not see any name / description with M4A in it
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