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Winamp 5.56 (build 2512)
Language Pack: English
Skin: Winamp Modern

OS: Windows XP x32
Locale: English
DirectX 9

Isn't saving configuration and position to winamp.ini for portable installation.

Method of Reproduction:
To Set local folder in Winamp folder for portable use in path.ini .
Run. Tune. Exit. Not saved settings and positions.

Imho would be great if Winamp could save settings and positions in winamp.ini - every time when pushed "close" button in configuration window.

Or would be a menu string and a button in configuration window - "save".(near "close" button) to save configuration and position too.

Or optional 2 futures to save configuration and position for time intervals and when exiting from Winamp.

Thank you in advance for support.
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