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Hey guy's, it's me, Alex.

I've found a bug in Winamp's Equlizer, but first some words about my computer: I have 2 soundcard's, the first is a integrated Card from C-Media and the second one is from Sound Blaster 5.1 VX. If you need more Information, look here: (sorry, it's in german, but I think you will understand this )

My Problem: If I turn the Equlizer on, load a profile like "Dance", the EQ do all, what I want So far so good. But if I spin the actual track forward and backward something bad will happen:
1.) The music get only out of my left speaker
2.) I hear from time to time "brrrt brrrt"
3.) I hear my music in "Half-Speed"

If I try another track, I shouldn't spin it

I tested this with my both soundcards...
Have you an idea?

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