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Windows 7 taskbar

Windows 7 taskbar bug

Winamp 5.57 (build 2765)
Clean install, no 3rd-party skins or plugins
Language Pack: None (default English US)
Skin: big bento

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate N
Locale: English US
CPU: ?
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia
Sound: ?

In windows 7 you have the icon in the taskbar. This icon has a white box around when the program is started and when you hover over the icon you see a small representation of the program window. With winamp this only works when the window is open. When you minimise the winamp program the white box disappears and the preview window is not displayed.

Method of Reproduction:
1. start winamp in windows 7
2. mouseover the winamp icon in the taskbar
3. minimize the winamp window
4. mouseover the winamp icon in the taskbar

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Thanks. Though this particular issue is already covered in the Known Issues section of the 5.57 Released thread.
I'll add a link to it in the first post of this thread...
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