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Looks like this thread is about where it was when i last checked (a while ago now).

I have a lot of time on my hands now, so I'm going run through the code and start commenting it and making it more accessable to all those out there that want to do something (and also so I can get my head around it).

I think if we managed to get it working as its own application, and ported to linux, it could take off. I say that because linux, with all its driver issues, can't get enough of software rendering apps. So it's a match made in heaven really

At the moment it uses some assembler features and other things that are dependent on the MS VC++ compiler, and at a quick glance, there seem to be winamp SDK stuff used all the way through it, so it cleaning it out could mean a lot of work.

Anyway, if anyone else has some immediate ideas, or has already started playing with it, please post here and let us know.
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