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yea i wish my pack was a bomb mr tomylobo, fireworks night is coming up and iv totally forgot .. gotta have something to explode, im thinkin really shaking up a beer can and creative use of a torch might fool at least someone...

the xmms project peoples are kinda weird though.. i meen, they are kinda some people who made a program for windows 3.1 but refused to update it to windows 9x or something. they won't even update to GTK2, so the menus n stuff look awful for lots. the BMPx peoples seem nice though.. once they have some stable code anyway.

i think maybe the evalib design needs to be rethought.. when you make code thats designed to be portable its usually simple and eligant.. and therefor, reasonably fast. when you make things to work on windows they are generally hacked up to bits to make it fit with the Win32 api.

if someone got it too compile on systems other than windows and vc++ id love to take a shot and hacking some stuff, right now the only copy of vc++ i have is way old.. and not quite.. legal. so i do all my coding with eclipse, gcc, make and the like on linux. plus, vc++ isn't very good.
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