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I realise all that (the logging sounds great!), but the link does not work for me:

Not Found
The requested URL /winamp/beta/winamp55_1600_beta_full.exe was not found on this server.

Might be a permissions thing.

Update: I have trimmed down my dirs and it now seems to be working (609/4391 so far) on step 4 and actually going up/using cpu. The trimming was mostly removing dirs that contained video - not sure if they're scanned or not. Will re-try just those directories later to find what was causing the crashes (assuming it works now without them).

Even when it's working though it's still quite buggy. During testing I would have 1 directory in my local library and it would scan fine - however if I pressed "Pause" or "Reset Database" on the "Winamp Playlist Generator" window it would crash winamp. That seems to be fairly consistent on my system in case there's any logs that might be of use.

Cheers for the response
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