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How to search folders in WinAmp Android?

Hey. In the desktop version, you could type in a folder name as a search query and all the content of the folder would show up as a result. That was really neat, and that's something I really need in a media player. For example, I have bands like Alice in Chains, Saliva, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, etc in a folder called Rock. If I searched 'Rock' in the desktop WinAmp, it would show all the mp3 files in the Rock folder. But when I do this in WinAmp android, it shows all songs with "Rock" in the title, like Michael Jackson - ROCK with you. Is there a way to search folder name in WinAmp android. If not, is it impossible to add? If not, I might go back to VLC Android. Thanks.
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