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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post

so what? and i don't mean that like a dick, i mean like so what if you and Aminifu and the other small minority of users who care about this feel you need it? that should determine if the beta / new release can come out or not??? nonsense!


3. use the new release with its stripped down JTFE and comment on what features should be cloned to it next.

How much stripped down? I think DJ Egg thinks that most of the JTFE features should be included somehow. If I'm correct, then I agree with him.

The current Winamp version has enough no longer working features. The new release should try to not add several more, imo. The new release needs to be an improvement (however slight) over what we have now, otherwise what's the point. Trading new features for old may be acceptable, but that would highly depend on what the actual tradeoffs are.

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