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Messenger Plugin - Show ore Hide Album


I've found something out and I thought maybe it's nice to put this on a forum. So here it is.

If you have the Messenger plugin for WinAmp you can edit this and choose to show ore hide your albumtitle, but when you want to have a nice story around it ore want to have it seperated by a "-" and there is no albumtitle present it does display the -. But after a half hour playing with the plugin I have managed to display the albumtitle only when present.

To do this you have to edit the album line. In the original plugin it says: %album%
You have to overwrite this with the next line:
$if(%album%,- Album: %album%,)
In the formattingline you just add {2} and WinAmp will do the rest.

Like it ore hate it, i'm proud of it.


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