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Windows media player doesn't play shoutcast stream very well and generally isn't associated with pls files. I suspect this is done on purpose by ms cos they want you to run windows media services and not shoutcast. Use any other media player like winamp, zinf, musicmatch, real one etc and it should work fine. If you absolutely have to use wmplayer then copy and paste the following into notepad

<ASX version = "3.0">
<Title>Your Title</Title>
<Title>Your Title</Title>
<Ref href = "http://youip:yourport">

change yourip and yourport to the correct settings and save it as something.asx, post this on any webspace and create a link to it and it'l open your stream in wmplayer.

Be aware this will only work with the latest versions of wmplayer 8 & 9 i think. Older players will just simply not play the stream. There is no way i have found to get older wmplayers tpo play shoutcast streams.

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