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Originally posted by jackherer
Windows media player doesn't play shoutcast stream very well and generally isn't associated with pls files. I suspect this is done on purpose by ms cos they want you to run windows media services and not shoutcast.


Just a quick piece of advice if you embed windows media player in a web page it will only play back the stream on peoples computers who have either windows media player vewrsion 8 or 9 installed. For the many people who have version 7 and below installed IT WILL NOT PLAY BACK THE STREAM. Microsoft only want you to play back windows media streams. I have found this out through bitter experiance. Just use the pls link and tell people to download winamp. It's small and plays back eveything.

Windows Media Player plays shoutcast streams perfectly fine on the 17 machines used here at Cyclone Communications.

You say that Media Player version 8 and 9 will play Shoutcast Streams, but version 7 will not. This is correct. You also say that Microsoft did this because they are intentionally trying to keep people from playing Shoutcast streams. Do you see the fundamental break down of logic here? If Microsoft didn't want people to play Shoutcast streams, why would they have added it after version 7?

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