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Not the Server After All

Thank you for the links - however, I am pretty sure it is not server side. Sorry for waiting so long to reply - I had to let this rest a while b/c of school, but now I went and got VLC and compared it side by side with Winamp. I had noticed that VLC seems to play it back flawlessly but unfortunately crashes after several tracks

Side by side, playing the same video Shoutcast stream, I noticed a couple things:

1. When the current video is finished playing and the server loads the next one, a/v on Winamp goes out of sync.

2. When playing VLC and Winamp side by side, if you can get the audio synchronized between VLC and Winamp, then the following will happen when the video is finished and the next one plays: The sound will stay synchronized between VLC and Winamp, but the video on Winamp's side appears earlier than VLC's. Winamp's video appears to be rushing ahead, whereas VLC's does not.

I reviewed one of the threads which stated that for Winamp, a/v going out of sync is unavoidable when other tasks are running. I am running a Core Duo machine on which Winamp uses less than 10% of the CPU. Nothing else is running (except in the test case, VLC of course )

So yes, I do unfortunately believe that this is a Winamp problem based on what we have so far. I have tried this with multiple streams. I suppose it could be that VLC is doing some fact-checking to remedy something wrong on the server side but I wish Winamp would too

Tweaking buffer or fade settings seems to do nothing to change this...any additional tweaks/advice I can try? This is really sad b/c Winamp's my favorite player and I really want to be able to use it for Shoutcast video watching, since VLC isn't very stable for me

Thanks again for your time,
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