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Lightbulb Wifi sync connect/disconnect option

So I have been using Winamp on android ever since it released and been happy with the progress they have made.

I have one suggestion that would make some of their wifi sync issues disappear.

The current problem with the sync involves around the auto sync function which sometimes fails to connect. The only simple fix I have found is to disable/re-enable wifi sync on android and restart winamp on the desktop.

The wifi sync being automated also causes one more problem. The phone is always connected to the computer at home even when the feature is not being used. It causes a noticeable usage in battery. Especially if you are at home on wifi and have Winamp always open on your desktop.
I have tried the eject device option on Winamp on my desktop. But it somehow connects on its own after sometime.

Won't it be simpler to give the option to connect to the desktop on the android device instead. That way they user has complete control over the connection and its easy to disable and enable the connection back to resolve any connectivity issues.
Also keeping a list of devices to connect to will give the option for the user to choose which computer to connect to.
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