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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
you feel strongly enough to have mentioned it a few times now
sorry. I should clarify that I always feel strongly about explaining myself, if not the topic at hand. I do appreciate the breakdown!

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
potentially it will save a bit of time (probably looking at milliseconds at best subject to the media being searched on) if you're constantly not getting any results for files. but with OS caching of things, it's unlikely to be noticeable unless it's the first time of hitting the files i suspect or doing 1,000s of files (and even then it'd save maybe a few seconds i'd expect).
well, worthy nonetheless. I look forward to seeing what will work best for me. it also allows one to figure out what they actually have, by doing scans of just "one type" and then refreshing the art, to see what shows up. so I could say, specify Folder.gif or embeds or *.png and get just those results. its true I could do the same in a results list in windows explorer, but that is not easy to then work with for me as it would be via winamp art icons.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
uncheck cover.*, leave folder.* checked and then put cover.* in the custom field. that is re-ordering things exactly as you're wanting (having folder.* before cover.*). all this custom option is doing is adding an extra level to the pre-defined list and is working with the exact same code as the pre-defined options use.
ah, duh, I get it now. that works but it "uses up" the custom option for that purpose, but still that's better than not being able to at all. I thought you meant something entirely different so that clears it up.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
as soon as there is a match, then the lookup ends. the options are listed in the order that things are attempted and as soon as there is a valid result, things are stopped. so if you have an embedded cover then it'll only look at that and it will not look at anything else.
perfect! that should solve the bug I had as well.

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i was fully expecting that comment. we have given some thoughts to things (but it would not be in the manner you keep asking for), though for the time being it's going to remain with the help (if present) stored in winamp.exe/winamp.lng (which there isn't anything on that dialog at the moment) which is triggered by clicking the added help button or leaving the mouse over the control for a few seconds.
all I really want, and how you do it is fine with me, but all I really want is the ability to link to a user edited wiki from a given pref dialog. you guys can appoint the wiki editors u trust, hopefully people like me and Aminifu and TT, ryerman, etc. ...but that's all I'm asking for and I really hope you strongly consider doing so. thx again for the work on art, as I think its very worthy under the hood stuff.

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