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well as no one wants to do that (or when they have they've been criticised as it's obviously hacking / cracking things and that's generally viewed in a bad light), it's at somewhat of an impasse really.

as my wrapper plug-ins were about the nearest to that sort of thing and the amount of work needed to getting those working correctly was ridiculous and even now, they're still not 100% due to certain issues not being able to be worked around. plus that's without doing some of the things that would be needed to get some of these plug-ins working.

as to whether or not Winamp should provide the functionality of such plug-ins as part of a native offering is another can or worms. seeing as the point was to have plug-ins to extend the player into the niche areas or allow someone who actually knows the specific field to do the best possible plug-in rather than a limited version that would come from 'official' development (if it all).

in an ideal world, those needing such things would be able to rely on the community but those who were technically minded for such things have long since left and that doesn't really make it feasible for what's being suggested (like how most of the save winamp 'devs' were web-devs which isn't what is needed for client players *shrugs* ).
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