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Update in_opus v0.777


It fixes most bugs I was reported lately. I recommend the Update, don't use the version in the first post. Read the txt file for all details.

* NEW: added an internal volume option, set INTERNAL_VOLUME=1 to enable. In this case the volume slider in winamp will adjust volume before decoding, this hase some use if you want to manually avoid clipping while playing. With this option enabled the volume slider goes from -20dB to +0dB.

* NEW: Added resampling option, Now the output can be resampled at any sampling rate eg you can set 44100 Hz for compatibility with some old soundcards. Set the OUT_SAMPLERATE to the desired value in the [IN_OPUS] section of the winamp.ini file. You can also set the quality of resampling from 0 (low quality) to 4 (high quality with) the RESAMPLE_Q option. The default value is 2 as it already gives a good sound quality and higher values are much more CPU heavy. Up-sampling is also supported.

* NEW: PRE_GAIN is now reserved for files and RADIO_GAIN is used for radio streams, the default value for RADIO_GAIN is -3dB because I experienced a lot of clipping with the radio streams I listened to and -3dB is a good value in my opinion. If you want a specific RADIO_GAIN value, set it (in dB) in the winamp.ini file.

* NEW: added a value to USE_REPLAY_GAIN, set it to 4 to use the raw opus signal without the header gain. I do not recommend this option because the Header gain should always be applied, this value is here in case it is needed. eg: opus files with a completely broken Header gain.

* FIXED: invalid behaviour in reading ini file in some conditions.

* FIXED: Now the PRE_GAIN is always applied, even when replay gain is disabled. this is useful if you have clipping problems and do not want to use replay gain, note that RADIO_GAIN is always applied when playing Radio streams.

* FIXED: Now the normal EQ (Winamp 4Front EQ) works on Winamp5.x with this plugin. It was a strange bug related to the Info display.

* FIXED: No more flickering of the menu-buttons at the bottom of the winamp playlist when playing opus file. Hopefully it should also fix the screen tearing some people experienced with previous versions.
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