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Originally Posted by thinktink View Post
That's obscenely odd, I've never seen an issue with any of my NSIS plugin installers detecting the Winamp install directory on that system.

See if the attached plugin will install. If it does, try letting it create a report and then attach it here. To run a report, open preferences, go to the Plugins->General Purpose section, double click the plugin in the list and select [Yes]. On a new Winamp instance it can take anywhere from a 30 seconds to 3 minutes to generate a report, depending on your system speed. When it finishes the report, it should open a new window with the report archive selected.
Unfortunately, that crashes Winamp almost immediately.


This is the Window-manager part of my current shell. Winamp.exe has been excluded.
"D:\Programs(x86)\Moo0\WindowMenuPlus 1.20\WindowMenuPlusDll.dll"
Edits the menu when right-clicking window-captions
"D:\Programs(x86)\Ray Adams\ATI Tray Tools\raphook.dll"
I think, this may be the hot-key hook for ATI Tray Tools
This you knew.
Adds an item to resize windows exactly in the window caption right-click menu.

Running Winamp in safe-mode ATM, and I will report back next time it crashes.
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