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winamp for android even worth using anymore?

i can't find a positive yes/no answer if winamp for android supports all of the badassery that makes it worth using on desktop.

i notice gracenote CDDB detection is history and musicbrainz seems to have gone to shit as well these days, it wanted to retag my library files to literally NOTHING that matched any of the artist or song data, wow.... just fucking wow, so piss poor it's amazing.

i can't find a straight answer if winamp for android supports replay gain once calculated in the desktop player, can't tell if it supports plugins (like the must have one to get ACTUAL randomization of playback order) from the desktop version and so forth.

so i ask you, is winamp for android even worth using?

i honestly can't tell.

over the years i've come to expect the most fine control of literally everything related to a music player for winamp and yet the android version doesn't even show up through normal methods of downloading an app strangely enough and has to be downloaded through a link, then come to find out for whatever reason it has to sync with a desktop music library instead of simply creating a music library from the files already existing on my phone?

what the fuck? i can't even browse to my phone's internal micro SD card with winamp for android to create a library? the hell is that shit?

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