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Error creating DirectSound buffer. Error code: 88780064

Hello everybody,

I can't play sound files anymore.

I get this message :
"Error creating DirectSound buffer. Error code: 88780064"

Before that, Winamp 5.52 use to work no pb. In fact I played an audio CD using Winamp, and it seems that I got this message from then (not 100% sure about that).

I tried a lot of tricks found here and on other discussion board : tweaking the DirectSound v.2.47 output parameters, reinstalled winamp 5.52, reinstalled WinXP (i'm still running SP1), reinstalled drivers of my Q10 Aardvark pro soundcard), upgraded DirectX to 9.0c, etc... with no success so far.

Windows Media player 8 works fine. I can still play audio CDs on Winamp. But I want to use Winamp to play my sound files ;(

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance.
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