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They dont ask, but we should have the playlist ready if they ask.
I`m just a DJ, its not my radio - so i have to use what other people set up. The current problem - i got the titlestreaming working, but the station owner wants that playlist (not only for GEMA & GVL, listener should see the entire playlist for the current show, not only the last 10 tracks played).

I dont have access to the server, i`m just trying to find a working script/database/whatever to gather all the data from shoutcast.
Now we use a manually created playlist which also affects the ticker on the homepage, but there should be an easier way..

And Streamtranscoder v2 wasnt working on my PC, V3.1.11 VIP is working fine.
The resources are not the problem, i use my laptop for DJing (Traktor) and my PC as Icecast server/restreamer. no problems so far, but i dont know how to lower the delay between my DJ software and the shoutcast server/clients who get the stream. If there is an option to decrease the delay to 100-200ms, that will be great. Even if this cost some resources.
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