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Its not only the last shown tracks, we need a database with all the playlists.
For me its easy because Traktor has a built in history, i can export a nice playlist with all the data (played count, bitrate, key, rating, title, release, artist whatever). But we try to get a userfriendly all-in-1 solution for all DJs with different soft/hardware & settings.

Is there an option to gather artist & title infos from shoutcast-server and store it in a database ?
And i`m still searching for the way how shoutcast work with the audiostream. Its only 128kbps, with the modern hardware & huge bandwith it should work with a minimal delay.
If my DJ laptop can work with up to 4 tracks (lossless WMA/FLAC) with a 5ms latency,so for what that huge delay ?
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