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Maybe you have not thought of:


If you prepare your playlist before it airs
then you can add it to the station-website as a html/txt/pdf file
so your listeners can see the whole list at any time or even at days later.

I myself dont see that as usefull...i think all that counts is show the current track being played and maybe the last 10 so a listener can have some guess/impression of what is going to come and choose to go listen to your station (or not).


You can use "streamripper" (Google it) to rip (record) all tracks being played, it will:
* separate each track.
* add artist,track filename to it (from the iD-tag)
* add the current time of the day to it.
* add a number to it.

It saves all above to one folder..where you can sort by title,time...etc

Normaly "streamripper" is used by those that want to record (steal) our music
using it like this is the only positive use i can imagine for it.

I use this myself to verify if my autodj-playlist is playing correctly
i can also see if my stream was interrupted.

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